yeollinginthedeep: hheeey! um i just want to ask what show that was where yeol showed off his power? i've been seeing gifs of them on that show but i can''t figure out what show it was. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
vegetacy: any idea what the caption in yeol recent insta post is all about?

trans ((his hashtags are seriously the cutest :3))

Anonymous: could you please tell me which variety show was that recent gif from? thankyou ^^;

It’s from 最强天团 独家花絮 or ‘The Strongest Group’

chanyeol showing off his superpower 

them muscles ಠ⌣ಠ

dumb dumb and dumb

huang zitao ft. baekyeol

8896 plays

tao: say EXO! 

fans: EXO!

tao: say T-A-O! 

fans: T-A-O!

tao: one more time say EXO! 

fans: EXO!

tao: say T-A-O! 

fans: T-A-O!

tao: /screams/ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANK YOu /chokes/ very much…..

exo & fans: /lmao/

baekyeol: /nonstop imitating tao’s mistake/ i love you thank you so much argh eeuheueh uhuuhhhh arhhgsh

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Sehun vs. Sehun the evil

A g g r e s s i v e 


do re mi fa so done with this semester

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may our friendship last forever!
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